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What is Dessignare Media?

Founded in 2009 and based in Mexico City, Dessignare Media is a  creative network focused in the promotion of Multimedia Art, Design and Animation. Our mission is to promote the industry by connecting studios, content producers, digital art schools, software developers and creative companies, by generating links between them so they can find opportunities to showcase their creative projects and start collaborations.

Over 15 years, Dessignare Media has integrated a solid professional network oriented to the promotion of multimedia art. Participating with press coverage for local events in Mexico like FESTIVAL PIXELATL and international events as SIGGRAPH Conferences in North America and Annecy Festival in Europe. Working as media partners we develop original content and strategies for the coverage of Animation Festivals and Events in order to increase their impact by targeting an specific audience in spanish speaking countries.

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By developing content and sharing stories from the leaders of the industry we have reached the most critic audience involved in the development of creative projects. We collaborate with global brands and professionals that are looking to get in touch with the spanish speaking community. In 2017 we started posting global news in English.

// About the Author
// Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen

I am a Media Producer & Motion Graphics Designer from Mexico City focused in branding and storytelling. Collaborating on creative projects for film, television and new media. I have worked in the development of animated series, short films and promotional campaigns for global brands like Air France, MetLife. I also work a as instructor for 3D animation courses in multiple schools.

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