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Dessignare Media invites all new media enthusiasts to develop their ideas and share their content through immersive technologies, full dome, 360 video and VR productions.

On-Line Courses and Customized Training
Learn to create your own contents for Immersion Domes

Today's success in educational content depends on an accurate communication, impact ideas and their impulse through technology. With this course you will learn the complete process and know the workflow to develop projects and create your own video sequences in fulldome format for digital domes.

Introductory course to immersive technologies
What will you learn in this course?

Creative development and technical direction for 360

You'll start by shaping your ideas with a narrative, learn to develop a script and storyboard, and define the best art direction for your designs, characters and stage elements that you produce in Photoshop. Later you will learn the techniques to give life and movement to your designs, modeling a three-dimensional 360 environment and performing the process of animation with the tools of After Effects and Cinema 4D. Finally in the post-production stage you will apply music, voice and sound design with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere so you can do the final assembly of your immersive show.

  • Introduction to Fulldome
  • Video and Photobases 360 (Professional and open-source tools)
  • Development of the creative proposal (Research and Fundamentals of Concept)
  • Artistic Direction (Inspiration and referents)
  • Script and Storyboard (Narrative)
  • Pre-production of art for animation (Design)
  • Character Design and Scenarios (Photoshop)
  • Bases of design and 3D modeling (Cinema 4d)
  • Assembly of the virtual stage
  • Composition of elements in 360
  • Animation by Keyframes (After Effects)
  • Moving typography
  • Video Editing and Postproduction (Premiere)
  • Voice, Music and Sound Design (Audition)
  • Video Output - Render 360 (Fisheye and Equidistant)
  • Projection in digital domes and sets VR (Fulldome)
  • Publication in digital formats (Facebook, Youtube)

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What do you need for this course?

A creative spirit for the start. The technology is becoming more accessible and through your laptop or computer you can start to start in the creation of video. Through this course you will discover the most professional tools available to users regarding their learning curve. You will require Adobe Creative Cloud and Maxon Cinema 4D packages (industry-leading programs). In addition you will know open-source software options (free) and mobile apps that you can use to start your production.

What are you going to achieve with this course?

At the end of the course you will have all the tools, resources and knowledge to start generating your own content for projection in planetariums, digital domes and mobile devices with capacity for virtual reality. Do it yourself ambition will develop.

With the technical bases and basics of design you can give life to beautiful images. You will know the best route to efficiently create your own content and start encouraging more visits to the dome of your museum or planetarium.

Who is this course for?

Staff of interactive museums, designers, planetaryists, educators and enthusiasts of new technologies who seek to innovate in the way of communicating their ideas and who wish to develop projects to impact the new generations. Course available for groups with option to on-line sessions for all Latin America.

About the teacher

Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen is professor of 3D animation with more than 10 years of experience with a specialty in the creation of multimedia narratives. He has been a leader in strategic development for the conceptualization and distribution of content for new media festivals, interactive museums, immersion domes, planetariums and virtual reality sets. Supervising the creative direction of shows for the educational and advertising sector, he has collaborated as an advisor in creating experiences for the full dome format, 360 surround video and virtual reality. Responsible for the management of alliances with international organizations for the promotion of cultural projects.

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