International Fulldome Festival

Immersive experiences after the pandemic

Taiwan is one of the few places in the world where face-to-face events can already be held due to its excellent management during the health emergency, making its measures against the pandemic allow them to live one step beyond the new normality.

Corbett Wall is a social entrepreneur who since 2019 has been dedicated to developing art and cultural dissemination projects with indigenous peoples in Taiwan, this as part of an educational initiative that they have baptized as Rebalance Renaissance, a multidisciplinary team that seeks to create routes of cultural exchange and promote the exhibition of multimedia art pieces with messages of conservation and protection of the environment.

Collective and itinerant virtual reality to promote art and culture

The Rebalance Renaissance team presents "The MOTUS International Fulldome Festival"a week-long multimedia festival that mixes art and technology to promote the exchange of culture among indigenous peoples in Taiwan. This thanks to the full-dome format, better known as 360 video-mapping or full dome projection.

The festival offers an experience that incorporates a 10-meter high geodesic dome, inside which artists project their work on a 360-degree screen, fusing visual art with music and a strong message. The group's mission is to combine the elements of ecological conservation: culture, art, learning, well-being, appreciation, science and technology.

We view art and technology as a way to bridge the gap between nature and the city, and last year we did our first Fulldome festival (full dome screening) with indigenous content and contributions from around the world as a way to introduce the format to people here in Taiwan.
- Corbett Wall

The MOTUS organizing team does a dedicated curatorial job to invite artists from all over the world, focusing on finding content to share that promotes an exciting cultural exchange, critical thinking and messages that highlight respect for nature and the environment. .

Collaboration and exchange with Mexican artists

MOTUS collaborates with the city of Chiayi (a city in south central Taiwan) to bring its traveling dome from the mountains to an artists' village. Incorporating elements of their local culture and also presenting different multimedia arts to local schools through workshops.

Take a look at MOTUS - International Fulldome Festival 2021.

With a showcase from around the world, this year the Mexican creative group, Dessignare Media was invited to collaborate with MOTUS to present two artistic pieces from its full-dome collection, and is in the process of organizing an artistic initiation workshop that would be presented in English with Mandarin translation.
The primary focus of Dessignare Media's original content began with its use at planetariums and cultural festivals as a means of engaging youth and initiating educator-led conversations. We are excited to find new opportunities to share culture and ideas. Always open to exploring new ways to collaborate!
- Creative group
Dessignare Media

An experience with music and animation inspired by Mexican legends

The pieces presented by Dessignare Media are: the audiovisual concert "Tree of Life" and the interactive experience for children "Cosmonaute 360 - Episode 01".

Tree of Life by creative director Evelyn Sánchez Becerra, is an original production featuring a piece of music by the experimental rock band Human Spiral. With visuals that represent the tree of life and multiple icons of Mexican culture, before the presentation of the work, the organization shares stories about Mexican culture and the inspiration that has shaped the images and sounds interpreted.

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The Mayan Universe is made up of three planes or comic regions ruled by different deities that manifest different types of energy. The three worlds are closely related and are part of the great Cosmic Tree or axis of the universe, which raises its crown encompassing the heavens and sinks its roots deep into the underworld. Through this "tree of life" it is possible to transit from one region to another, it is the way that communicates and interweaves everything that exists.


Boosting curiosity and connecting with new generations

The second piece presented is Cosmonaute 360 by director Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen, the first episode in a series of educational experiences for museums and multimedia festivals. Through a series of animated stories dedicated to curious minds who dream of exploring the universe, helping others and learning collectively.

The short film is accompanied by a fun question and answer session with an educator to generate conversation with the audience and provoke interest in science and the art of animation. With playful activities the aim is to awaken the curiosity of the children prior to a formal class on topics such as astronomy, physics, chemistry or biology.

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Dessignare Studio is currently in production on episode 02 of this adventure series. Cosmonaute 360 - Misión Rescate will address the issue of plastic consumption and the huge amounts of waste that are generated every day.

Addressing the issue of ecological awareness, his new short film will be distributed in full-dome and VR formats, in addition to receiving support from institutions dedicated to promoting environmental care.
With this new interactive experience we seek to awaken the imagination of children and inspire them to become artists and researchers.
- Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen
Producer at Dessignare Media

We appreciate the invitation of MOTUS - Fulldome Festival to join their program and seek new ways to collaborate regardless of distance, language and the current global situation.

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