Cosmonaute 360: Mexican Fulldome animation for children goes worldwide distribution

// Mexican animation invades European planetariums

"Cosmonaute 360" is a Mexican project that offers interactive experiences aimed at children and has been designed specifically for its projection in immersive domes and educational spaces such as planetariums, museums and new media festivals. The main objective of this initiative is to promote interest in science through entertainment, with a series of animated short films that seek to awaken the curiosity of children prior to a formal class on topics such as astronomy, physics, chemistry or biology.

This animation content in full-dome format for digital domes has been independently produced by the Dessignare Media studio, thanks to the collaborative effort of Mexican artists who seek to contribute with valuable content for social causes.

Currently the first content of this series is already available in digital download for more than 80 planetariums, thanks to the British Fulldome Institute, a platform that distributes this content for free to a network of planetariums operating around the world.

Watch the trailer:

// Promoting interest in science through entertainment

The main objective of this project is to inspire young minds with a family friendly content that celebrates friendship and curiosity. The 3D animation short film presents a story carefully created to capture the attention of children and designed without dialogues to avoid language barriers. After the screening sessions, the dialogue with the audience is opened (groups of children between 5 and 10 years old) , prompting curious questions that invite children to start their own research.

The 4-minute film is already screening internationally in planetariums and educational forums, and is available for free on the digital platform for anyone interested in having access to its download. The exhibition permit rights are granted in exchange for a collaboration agreement in which the museums commit themselves to send feedback and impressions of the children who live the experience.

“Cosmonaute 360 is the first in a series of contents to foster imagination. We want to tell a universal story dedicated to all the curious minds that dream of exploring the universe.  

Dessignare Media

// An immersive experience for the whole family

This innovative project has been developed by the creative team of Dessignare Media, under the direction of the visual artist and content producer Damné Jesús Perez Irigoyen and the musical composer Sergio "INI" Vázquez.

"The short is being distributed to educational spaces to be projected to groups of children between 5 and 10 years old (pre-school and primary school). The basis of the project is to promote family values and interest in science, going from a fantasy content that children can relate and then inviting them to ask questions and start a research with their parents or teachers. Questions of all kinds arise, such as: How fast does a space rocket travel? How far is one planet from another? How is an animated film made?”

Damné Jesús 
Creative director

The first episode presents the story of a space traveler that is heading towards his home planet, but after suffering an accident with an asteroid, he is forced to make a landing on an unknown planet. There he will meet a mysterious rabbit who will help him and teach the audience a valuable lesson.

Photos: (1) Families enjoying the first episode at its premiere in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. (2) Cosmonaute being screened at a school in Bristol in southwestern England.

// Promoting creativity and production in new media

During the production process, the graphic designer Damné Jesús has promoted an investigation around the development of content in unconventional formats such as VR and Video Mapping, participating in the development of global projects for film, television and new media with a team of artists specialized in the production of Multimedia Art, Design and Animation.

Currently, the creative team is promoting dissemination projects and training workshops with audiovisual courses on digital art direction, and workflows for 3D animation production.

“The objective of these workshops is to encourage the production of original content for new media and formats not explored in the national scene.”

3D animation designer.

In 2019 Dessignare Media will celebrate 10 years as an industry promotion project, integrating a professional network for the development of creative projects, providing consultings services and collaborating as a creative partner with animation studios, software developers, communication agencies, digital art schools and companies in the creative industries.

// Distribution for planetariums and VR units with a global impact

This original project developed by the creative group Dessignare Media seeks to be promoted with free distribution to museums and educational spaces that operate in Mexico. In addition to being presented to various international festivals of new media and platforms that promote the development of content for children. Currently the content is already projected in planetariums in Brazil, USA, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The short film is available in 4K resolution in fulldome format (fisheye) for digital domes and in equidistant cylinder projection format for virtual reality devices. The rights of digital display and download can be accessed through the digital platform

Currently the creative team is in search of financing, with new scripts already developed and on the eve of starting the second stage of this production.

// Discover more with an exclusive glance

If you are interested in viewing the complete short film, request the link for a private screener in digital format.

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