Cosmonaute 360 - Free fulldome Show

A series of animated short films for 360 platforms, VR Stations, Museums and Planetariums

Cosmonaute 360 is a series of short films for children, designed specifically for exhibition in educational spaces such as museums, planetariums and new media festivals. This project proposes to initiate interactive experiences between children and tutors through dynamics that foment new methods of education.

Developed by the creative group Dessignare Media, this content is distributed free at an international level thanks to different organizations as the British Fulldome Institute and VRFESTmx. Available in 360 full-dome video format for immersion domes, mobile devices and virtual reality sets (VR).

Now in more that 200 planetariums 
in 20 countries!

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An interactive experience for the whole family

Cosmonaute 360 is a Mexican project that seeks to generate interest in science through entertainment. This through a series of animated stories dedicated to all the curious minds that dream of exploring the universe, helping others and learning collectively.

With playful activities, the aim is to awaken the children's curiosity prior to a formal class on topics such as astronomy, physics, chemistry or biology.

Families enjoying the first episode of Cosmonaute in its premiere in Lanzarote, 
one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa.

After the screenings of the short films, the audience is invited to answer curious questions to learn together while having fun. Inviting children to start their own research with the support and guidance with their parents or educators. Through a simple dynamic, tutors can start a research process with the children.


(EPISODE 01 Now available)

All the short films have been carefully designed to attract the attention of children. Being free of dialogues this allows the project to break the language barriers so that its projection can be distributed globally without the need to adapt the content.

Synopsis - Episode 1:
A space traveler is sailing to his home planet, but after suffering an accident with an asteroid that hits his ship, he is forced to make a forced landing on an unknown planet. This is where you will meet a strange rabbit who will help you and teach you a valuable lesson.
Data sheet:
  • Duration: 04:04 minutes
  • Technique: 3D Animation - Fulldome (Fisheye)
  • Gender: Adventure (Family)

(In development)

The theme for the second episode will be ecology and seek to motivate children to reduce plastic consumption by showing the consequences of its use.

Synopsis - Episode 2: 
The Cosmonaute and its rabbit friend have created a machine with which they plan to rescue a treasure lost in the ocean. As you explore the depths of the sea you will discover great plastic waste and take advantage of its technology to clean up pollution, learning that there are more valuable treasures in nature.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce more 360 content and educational proposals. Through their support, our own backers can be part of the development of new episodes, while they learn from our theoretical and practical methods for the production of 3D animation through educational experiences such as training workshops and on-line classes.

With a 360 degree FULL DOME projection we can offer a collective virtual reality experience without the need for cardboards or viewer headsets.

We invite you to visit this page again to know all the details. Our motivation is to propose new ways of educating.

At Dessignare we are continuously developing new methods of interaction for virtual reality, to see what effect different input methods have in education, and what works best for different groups of people.

We love to experiment with video mapping inside domes and planetariums, and what makes the shared experience feel and we are happy to continue developing new interactive play systems.

Content distribution with global impact

The first episode of Cosmonaute 360 is now available in distribution for a network of more than 130 planetariums globally thanks to the British Fulldome Institute. Currently impacted in more than 20 countries, the content is already projected in planetariums in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, Brazil and Mexico.

The first episode of Cosmonaute 360 has already been projected and recognized by the following festivals and educational spaces:

  1. Riga Digital Foum - (Latvia)
  2. Chinijo's Fulldome Festival - (Spain)
  3. ImpactFest - (Texas)
  4. VR FEST mx - (Mexico)
  5. FICMA - (Mexico)
  6. Premios Quirino - (Tenerife, Spain)

  1. British Fulldome Institute
  2. Immersive Theaters
  3. VRFESTmx
Thanks to all the planetariums that joined the adventure
Specially to to first 20 planetariums
  1. Planetario Digital Chimalhuacan (Mexico)
  2. Planetario Luis Enrique Erro (Mexico)
  3. Planeta de Puebla (Mexico)
  4. Kosmos Lanzarote (Canary)
  5. Planetario de Trujillo (Spain)
  6. Celobert (Sapin)
  7. Immersie Theaters (Bristol - UK)
  8. Hvezdarna (Check Republic)
  9. Unipampa (Brazil)
  10. Mriya (Ukraine)
  11. Neag Planetarium (USA)
  12. Astrodidáctico (Madrid)
  13. Magic Dome (Romania)
  14. Hokulani Imagianarium (Hawaai - USA)
  15. Allendale (Colombia)
  16. Rapanui (Chile)
  17. Cosmic Perspective (Pakistan)
  18. Tecnodomo (Argentina)
  19. Wenu Mapu (Argentina)
  20. Anchorage Museum (USA)

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